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May 19, 2012

New tutorial is coming

Hey dear all lovely readers, do you see what topic on my blog post? Yeah, new tutorial is coming!! WHAT?? Oh, you didn't hear wrong is NEW TUTORIAL is coming soon!! The new tutorial is about Lip care's! So just hold on! Wait for my new tutorial, but now i wondering the tutorial i want make as photo tutorial or video! But i've not camera :( and my phone video quality is not really good! So i think i will make a Photo tutorial before i get a camera :/ Lip care's? Why i will do this tutorial? Hmm, the whole face part i most care is my Lips! And important my lip care's product is cheaper and worth to use! So why don't i do a tutorial and share with all of beauty girl? :p Just expect my new tutorial. so i don't wanna blog too much! I'll promised i will faster done my new tutorial kay? xoxo



  1. hmm.. i wonder where is your old posts :(

    1. eww, i think coz is i've changed my blog link prob. i want my old posts back too, but i can't make back! :(


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