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May 3, 2012


Hey readers, finally i have time to update my blog! Sorry for long time don't update this dead blog lol. So how your recent life? Is MAY now! I can't believe it the time passed so fast, gosh! So here is my the past few month photos from Instagram

I just hide my hair to behind, i lied my friends said I've cut my hair :p
the photo in my Facebook has over 100 likes
and many friends say it suit to me and looks younger

but the other side I didn't really cut hair, my hair still like shit uh 

Church day with new collection Jersey 

 Genting Day with  family 

And i have tried Starbucks new drinks 
Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino 

Tadaa, is nice taste! Nom nom, must try it out :) 

The day accompany mommy go our new shop 
I don't really confirm the location, is near at Cheras of Lembah Maju (太子園靠近小雲頂在下)
i know is nearby a Esso petrol stations, and have a round about to
Sunday Cheras PasarMalam
Is whole new row, the first shop is Oldtown beside the Esso Petrol stations
Mommy new shop will be open at May :) 

Recent of me, I just need more skinny 

So here is some of my the past few month photo, i'm Camwhore Freak :P Have you feel it all the photos is going out with my Parents not one is outing with my FriendsYea, nowadays i always stay at home, i already didn't go out any where have 2 months! OMG can you believe an Shopaholic can stay in house do House female in every weekends for Two months?!?!?! Yes, I did it! Is boring but its okay, because first I can save money, and i won't use my money simply bought some useless things! But this is just my imagination, yea I really didn't go anywhere in two months, and now I bankrupt!! WHY? Although I didn't go anywhere, but i online everyday, and everyday i online shopping ==  A Women born to love Shopping! I have bought lot of Bags, Phone Cover, Clothes! That's why i will bankrupt although i didn't go anywhere LOL! And other side my life is still everyday Instagram, Twitter, Facebook! My life is so boring and i know it, next week have Mid-exam! Omfg, i hope i can handle it! My english i will try my best to get a nice score to myself and to my parents

 so wish me and all of Spm candidates good luck! :)

I promise i will update my blog One week one time or Two weeks One time okay? :) 
MissYouAllLovelyReaders, xoxo 
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And follow my blog, so while I updated my blog and you can see it in your dashboard :D 


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