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Sep 21, 2012


Holla, dear all readers! I'm back, has been long time no update my blog! How are you? Everything fine? Miss me? HAHAHA :-* My mood is so excited i don't know why! Its SEPTEMBER now, the time is pass so fast! OMG! And now is going to October, ohgoshdamn! Back to topic, my life still same! WORK, SLEEP, PLAY, CLUB. Let me share some photos!
Sorry for my laziness, i lazy to write :O

 am i look really old? :( I'm only 17yo, not 20 not 26too! :(

 my sick face while working! 

 Resident Evil: Retribution 
Vote: 6/10 for me. This episode got little bit disappointed for me >< 

 My face looks so "V" in this photo, zomg! PHOTO CHEATER? :O 

 Aquasonic night with babe Cindy :-* 

Tell me which eye-makeup you most like? HEAVY, LIGHT, SMOKED? 
 And MAYBE i'll make a tutorial soon? 
So what you think as? Agree or not agree? :D

The skincare product of the month. SKINZ
 endorsement by CHARMAINE(佘诗曼) from Hongkong an Famous artist! :D 
will share this product in my blog if really good for acne and scars.. :)
BUT! I've to share the Lotion from SKINZ is really best! Is really smooth! 
Its help my skins whitening abit, althou i'm not using it everyday LOL 
YOU SHOULD BUY IT! Not very expensive, can buy it at WATSON! WATSON had lot of promotion now :) 
This lotion only cost $14.80 if i not remember wrong :)  

 The makeup&skincare product of the month! All of these you can buy at SASA 
What i bought?
B.Liv Mask (4 pcs for $16.80) PROMOTION-ING 
Cyber-Color Eyebrow pencil *DARK BROWN* $16.90
REDearth Make up base (Green color) $69.90
Color Combo Girl Loose Powder $38.91
Skinlite Nose pore cleansing strips $4.80
K-Palette 1DAY TATTOO Eyeliner (SUPER BLACK) $59.90
Cyber-color Makeup remover $49.90
Winder Transparent eyelid type $16.90 (200pcs + 40pcs)
 I spent almost $300 here :( *BANKRUPT*

I should stopped here, nothing can write.. 
Click my NUFFNANG before you leave it! Mwahss <3 

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